Bet365 Mobile App Review 2021: USA iOS & Android downloads

The Bet365 app is accessible as a free download in . Get to know more here.

My Guide to download the Bet365 App

BET365 mobile live

The Bet365 app can be experienced on Android and iOS platforms. Even though the app itself is the same, the process of installation differs. Android users have to:

  1. Open the Bet365 page from a browser on the mobile
  2. Click the prompt that requires installation from the user
  3. Select Android version to download the file for installation
  4. Make sure that the phone can accept installation from unknown sources
  5. Complete the installation

If I was using an iPhone, I just:

  1. Visit the App Store
  2. Search for the appropriate Bet365 app
  3. Complete the installation

Setting-up your account on your smartphone

If you are a new user looking to register on this platform, you should:

  1. Open the ‘join now’ section from within the Bet365 page
  2. Input information asked by the platform
  3. This may even include personal stuff like name and email address
  4. Enter the last four numbers within the social security number
  5. Complete the bet365 NJ registration coupon to finish sign up

How to add funds to your account

If you are keen on putting funds into the account or taking them out, you should:

  1. Visit the Account Management section
  2. Go to the preferred option for deposits
  3. Enter the deposit amount that you want
  4. Finish the transaction on the page or on the third-party site

Options for Users on Bet365 App

Sports Betting Options on Mobile

Bet365 is immensely powerful when it comes to providing coverage of sports from around the world. Even though the New Jersey version sees a slight reduction in the number of markets, there is no difference in the quality and quantity of markets offered. There are some sports that do not make the cut, but Bet365 NJ manages to cover all mainstream sports with huge success. There is especially a higher amount of focus on NFL, NBA, and soccer. The added attention is not detrimental to the likes of rugby, golf, tennis, and more.

Placing a Bet on Bet365 app

If you want to place a bet on the app, you should:

  1. Head over to the sport on which you want to place a bet
  2. Search for the competition that you prefer
  3. Identify the market that you expect will succeed
  4. Choose the odds and enter the stake to place the bet

Key Mobile App Features

bet365 mobile

Even though you are likely to have minimal expectations when it comes to the features available on the app, Bet365 manages to do very well in terms of enriching the app with options. The key features happen to be:

Live Betting – This is a very crucial segment for sports punters, as it provides dynamic odds on matches as and when they take place. The choices of markets in this section can also be very interesting, as some of them cannot be offered in the pre-match segment.  This feature is especially powerful when it is used along with the live streaming section.

Edit Bet – This feature allows you to make changes to a betting selection by swapping, removing, or adding markets depending on your preference. I was able to make these changes for pre-match and live games.

Cash Out – Bet365 has been one of the first bookmakers to offer this feature, which will let you get out of a bet that any time you please. Of course, the odds will differ based on the time of exit. But it provides a lot of control.

Live Streaming – This feature makes it possible for you to access live coverage of sports without picking up a TV subscription. At the end of the day, the opportunity to watch more than 100,000 events without paying a subscription is brilliant. Furthermore, the live streaming section comes in handy when I try to bet on live events.

Comparison between Mobile App and Desktop

Advantages on mobile Advantages on desktop
Helps you avoid being stuck to the desktopNo need to install
Portability without sacrifice in betting opportunitiesHuge screen real estate
Easy to install and betEasy to bet
Watch live streams on the moveDoes not need scrolling

Bet365 Mobile App Review: Best Assets

User Experience

Bet365 is not too different in terms of offering user experience that has not changed much over the years. The platform comes with the same colour scheme and design language, which has proven effective. However, it can be difficult for newcomers. If you are a newcomer, though, you are quickly expected to like the platform, which does not need much scrolling.

Live Betting Facility

A live betting section from Bet365 manages to introduce several new markets into the sport or game in question. For example, it is easy to get minute-by-minute markets on sports like NBA and soccer. The options may be reduced in terms of other sports, but it is still quite healthy.

Live Streaming options on Mobile

There has been a long wait for getting a live streaming service of the highest order and Bet365 steps into the arena with this key feature. The coverage offered by Bet365 in New Jersey may not be the same as European versions, but it is still humongous in coverage. You can expect around 100,000 events to be covered by the streaming section every year. This includes matches in football, soccer, basketball, and more.


Cash Out feature can provide control to a punter by offering the chance of an exit when it would not be possible in a regular betting scenario. The Cash Out feature makes it easy to stay on top of a bet.

Bet365 App Review – An Exhilarating Experience


If you are getting the Bet365 app for the first time, there would be regrets at missing out on the platform for a while. This is due to the better set of features and usability available in your hands with an app. There is a lot more control over the proceedings that would be simply difficult to monitor from the desktop at all times. Rather than just offer betting markets, Bet365 has made the app a viable alternative for the desktop version.